Scott Yard, Body Balance for Performance Client, Philadelphia Center

My Body Balance regimen is progressing nicely and I am anxious to get out on the course and reap the benefits.  I wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed two unexpected benefits to the program already.  My unfixable “trick” shoulder seems tighter now and it hasn’t rolled in over a year.  Before this turn-around I was considering a bone graft to stabilize the joint.  I am also pleased to report that my notoriously sore and stiff back feels much more limber each morning since I started the routing you designed for me.  Thank you.


R.R, Body Balance for Performance Client, Philadelphia Center

I am not sure if we ever finished my program but let tell you about my progress.

Last year when we started, I had a few goals; more consistent ball striking, a lower handicap, and 3 rounds in the 70’s. I also had some shoulder pains that I wanted to address. By the end of the season I had reduced my handicap from 8 to 6 and managed to shoot two rounds in the 70’s. I have not been particularly good about keeping up with the exercises, but some reason it doesn’t seem to matter. This year, my handicap has dropped to 5 and I have shot 5 consecutive rounds in the 70’s. I still have some pain in my shoulder but it’s now the right shoulder not the left. I attribute my significant improvement to two factors; I have much better range of motion and consequently, much better balance, and second, I have significantly improved my putting to focusing my eyes on the cup not the ball.

I am a fan of what you have done for me and have recommended your program to others. In that regard, I expect that you may hear from a golfing friend of my, Kevin Batchelor about Body Balance.


Sean S, Body Balance for Performance Client, Darien Center

Dear Mike, Yesterday I shot an 82 at Sterling Farms in Stamford. I owe it all to you and the Body Balance program. Ok, maybe not all; I did have something to do with it. However, it was 10 strokes better than I have ever shot at Sterling. And better than I have shot anywhere else, ever. By 5 strokes. (I keep ALL of my score-making me compulsive or insane Anyway, I can trace the improvement in my golf by looking back at my scores before and after I started the Body Balance Program in late July. I shot a 101 at Sterling on May 16, a 98 on June 11, a 95 on June 13, a 92 on July 5 and a 94 on August 1st. Yesterdays 82 was quite an improvement! However, the improvement has not been limited to Sterling. For example, I shot an 87 and 88 at Oak Hills since starting the program, when I used to average anywhere from the low to mid-90’s. I’m still inconsistent, but since I’m not much more than half way through the program, I’m certain I’ll continue to improve and be shooting 82 or better all the time. Or most of the time. A lot. Thanks again. The program really works, and you’re a great teacher.

-Sean S

Rob, Body Balance for Performance Client, Atlanta Center

What began as a Christmas gift from my wife, evolved in a change in both of our lifestyles.  We have always been fitness oriented, but Chad and Body Balance took us to a new level that we didn’t know existed.  Mobility, stability, and strength are now a part of every workout.  I had been a member of TPI and , and was so familiar with golf specific and core exercises.  But I’m here to tell you that without a knowledgeable and dedicated professional guiding you, well, you might as well try to learn the golf swing just by reading a book.  You will never reach your full potential.  With Chad’s expertise, we have changed our golf swings because of increased mobility, stability, and strength.  It’s funny, but the stronger and more flexible you get, the less effort goes into keeping everything connected.  And that means greater distance and consistency.  Looking back, I realize that my golf swing was one compensation after another.  It caused pain and adaptation.  You can’t swing like a pro if you can’t simply move like a pro.  The program was one of the best things we have ever done and we recommend it to everyone.


Chris, Body Balance for Performance Client, Atlanta Center

Thanks Chad for all your help and guidance over the last 6 months or so.  I know my flexibility and strength have improved a lot, and I look forward to testing things out more as weather improves!  I intend to keep up the program at least 3 days a week, which should be pretty easy with our gym being right here in the building in work.


Ashley Martin, GolfTEC Store Manager, PGA Apprentice, Atlanta, GA

Body Balance for Performance is the best thing that has happened for not only my golf swing, but my application of the golf swing in my teaching.  As a teaching professional, I deal with student’s body limitations every day.  I have found through personal experience that when the body gets overlooked in the application of swing changes, the process can become very frustrating and limiting for students ability to make a lasting change.  Body Balance has drastically improved my golf swing and my ability to maintain balance and stability in my golf swing.  I am swinging the club as well as I ever have in my entire life!  I feel fantastic after losing 25 pounds and regaining the strength and flexibility I lost after a knee injury in college.  I bring my excitement and new found flexibility through the Master’s Program and stabilization from B3 sessions into each and every session I teach.  Thanks Body Balance for transforming my golf swing and my understanding that the body is one of the most important pieces of the golf swing.

– Ashley Martin

Mark Csencits, PGA Head Teaching Professional, Bethlehem Golf Club, Bethlehem, Pa

I’ll admit it took seeing dramatic results from every single one of my students that I had referred to Body Balance for Performance for me to finally sign up for a program for myself. Some of my elite junior golfers have picked up over 30 yards off the tee and one even gained over 50 yards!

Others whom I have sent to David that are closer to my own age, now have the physically capabilities and know-how to use their muscles in the correct sequence for the golf swing. This enables them to perform movements that they were previously incapable of doing. Such movements include completing a full shoulder turn, maintaining the width of their swing, creating lag, and firing hips and legs muscles in the proper sequence. All of these retrained learned motions would have been futile without David’s expertise.

As for myself, I got exactly what I asked for when we had our evaluation session. Even before my 14 sessions were completed I had reached all of my goals that I had set out to attain. I did not loose any distance with my clubs do to aging. I had developed a stronger core and more flexibility. My body had had changed allowing me to swing more smoothly. Finally, I wanted to be able to walk 18 holes again without feeling any pain afterward and that’s exactly what I achieved. I have referred many a student, and will continue to do so, to Body Balance for Performance and David Ostrow all with the same results…fantastic!

-Mark Csencits

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