Your Most Important Piece of Equipment is Your Body®


The Secret of Optimal Golf Performance

There are so many golf exercises and golf fitness equipment out there, and most, if not all can provide some benefit when used properly.  However, the secret to gaining maximum benefit from a golf fitness program comes from the proper customization and complete integration of the program with the other essential performance factors in golf.


Whether you are a beginner golfer or a professional, customization of a golf fitness training program is critical. Generic fitness programs provided from any source, without an individual evaluation, is not only a waste of time and money, but could cause more harm than benefit.

You have watched that DVD, you have seen exercises in golf magazines, and you may have even tried a group exercise class …..all without receiving an initial evaluation to identify  your unique, golf specific, physical weaknesses or challenges in posture, balance, flexibility, strength and/or endurance.  We believe that YOUR BODY IS YOUR MOST IMPORTANT PIECE OF GOLF EQUIPMENT!

Our center has golf-specific fitness experts that can:

  • Properly evaluate your body
  • Provide manual therapy to loosen those tight areas
  • Design and deliver the proper sequence of golf fitness exercises
  • Help to fully integrate your golf fitness program with your professional golf coac
    h, golf-specific mental training and properly fit equipment.
This is what can make or break your ability to reach your optimal golf performance objectives….A fully customized program with trained professionals who can effectively integrate their services so that you get the very best results – in your lifetime – guaranteed!